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12 Printable 1st Grade Math Worksheets

First grade math is a great way to introduce students to math concepts and the Common Core state standards. These printable first grade math worksheets are excellent for teaching new concepts and reviewing previous ones. They are available for free download online and can be printed in high-resolution PDF files. If you don’t have a […]

11 Printable Numbers Up To 20 Worksheets

If you’re looking for a free number worksheet, here’s the perfect resource: 11 Printable Numbers Up to 20. These printable worksheets will work great for kindergarten, preschool, and pre-k students. Your youngster will love learning about the numbers and counting to 20, as well as practicing their handwriting and fine motor skills. They also make […]

13 Printable Number Recognition Worksheets

Preschoolers and kindergarteners can benefit from doing thirteen printable number recognition worksheets. These activities allow kids to hunt for a particular number, dot all of the dots and then color the picture in the middle. This set has ten pages, one for each number from one to ten. The children learn to recognize and discriminate […]

15 Printable Single Digit Addition Worksheets

The Printable Single Digit Addition Worksheets set is perfect for children learning this lifelong skill. This set of math worksheets features questions that are written in column format and from left to right. They are a great way to reinforce math skills and develop your child’s confidence. The single-digit addition drills are perfect for young […]

12 Printable Picture Addition Worksheets

The Picture Addition Worksheets provide practice for counting and adding pictures. The worksheets feature a variety of fun activities, including color-by-number sheets and teacher templates. The workbooks are geared to the needs of children in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Many of the pictures have colorful shapes, which the children can count or color, before […]

11 Printable Addition Worksheets

These printable addition worksheets are a great way to reinforce the concept of addition. They begin by counting objects, and then proceed to add single-digit numbers in rows and columns. Students will be able to quickly master the concept by practicing on these addition worksheets. This is a great way to improve their math skills […]

Addition and subtraction word problems

Addition and subtraction word problems are part of the foundation for elementary math instruction. Addition is used to multiply or divide something into another. This can also mean adding an item to something else. Subtraction is the process of turning something into its less-than-half complement. For example, if you are multiplying two positive numbers by […]

Addition and subtraction fact families

Addition and subtraction fact families are a critical part of mathematics instruction for the youngest students. They are an integral part of understanding concepts like addition, subtraction, multiply, divide and subtract. It is essential to include these topics in all first year math classes. At first grade many teachers make the mistake of not including […]

1st Grade Addition Worksheets

1st grade is usually the beginning of learning basic math operations, and 1st grade addition worksheets provide a good place to begin the practice of regular math learning. The worksheet assignments in this area are chosen specifically for 1st graders in mind and working with them regularly will develop a strong foundation for future math […]