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Separation Agreement Templates

Many young couples prefer to take an adult independent separation agreement. This is a wise decision prior to going into a separation with their spouse. The separation agreement is very similar to a divorce, just in that it also requires a legal written document signed by both parties. It is not required that all separation […]

Divorce Papers Template

For individuals who want to handle their own divorce proceedings, obtaining a Divorce Papers Template is very helpful. This kind of template is very handy to compile all the necessary information of every client. More so, it contains any related supporting documentation such as case number, full name, date of marriage, alimony amount, schedule, custody […]

Marriage Contract Templates

Free Marriage Contract Templates is available online as a free service to help individuals make the legal documents of their marriage more useful. The best part about these templates is that they can be used by non professionals who have some prior knowledge about marriage law. Thus, it becomes very easy for them to do […]

Child Support Agreements

A child support agreement is very common, in fact it is an unavoidable part of having a child. The court is forced to make one, as any other type of agreement would be absurd. A child support agreement is made based on the income of both parents, and how they spend that money. In many […]

Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement Template is an agreement that is used in the event of a divorce between spouses. The templates can be used for a range of different scenarios and can be tailored to suit both spouses’ needs. These types of templates are commonly used in the United States, as they offer a relatively simple […]

Parenting Plan

A Parenting Plan & Agreements Template provide you with an effective, legally binding document that you and your ex-spouse can use as a guideline for the duration of your divorce process. This gives both of you a set amount of time to work out an agreement without having to spend every waking moment together discussing […]

Divorce Agreement Templates

A Divorce Agreement template is a legal document which has important details regarding partners who are about to be divorced. These templates are prepared by professionals and they can be used at no cost. There are many types of Divorce Agreement templates on the internet and one can easily find them with a simple search. […]

Marital Settlement Agreements

Marital settlement agreements are not the easiest to understand. They are filled with legal jargon and terms that most people just don’t understand. It is important that both you and your spouse fully comprehend what it is you are agreeing to. Your lawyer should help you understand the legal aspects of the agreement. It is […]