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Chinese Gender Calendar

The Chinese Gender Calendar is a fascinating way to predict a baby’s gender, as well as learning more about birth dates throughout the Chinese lunar calendar. Used throughout ancient imperial courts and by contemporary maps, the Chinese Gender Calendar prediction method has a long and rich history. But just how does it actually work, and […]

Simple BMR Calculator

Do you need a Simple BMR Calculator? It’s an easy way to calculate how much you could save with a reduced rate of pay if you were to switch your employer and take a new maternity leave. It can be used by pregnant women with varying degrees of pregnancy-related symptoms to determine if they should […]

Baby Growth Tracker Weight Height

So you have a special little one and you are all ready to celebrate the special day. The only thing left on your mind is the big day and what kind of celebratory party you want to throw for your soon to be child. What would be more wonderful than a baby growth chart of […]

Body Fat Caliper Navy Calculator

The Body Fat Caliper is a device that is used in order to measure one’s body fat. This is actually not your ordinary calorie counting method that you would normally find in the books found in the fitness stores. The Body Fat Caliper, as its name implies, is a calculator that will measure the fat […]

Menstruation Calculator Pregnancy

Using a Menstruation Calculator can greatly help in planning for your pregnancy. It can also be an aid in determining the correct time of a woman’s menstruation by taking into consideration not just her daily cycle, but other details such as temperature, heart rate, and other physical factors. The easiest way to use a Menstruation […]

Menstrual Cycle Calculator

If you have ever used a pregnancy calculator, or an ovulation calculator, you might have learned that the calculation method used can be a bit confusing. The problem is that there are different methods for each woman’s body and cycle, and it takes a bit of experimentation to find the right system for you. One […]

Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet

Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet template is an application that will help you in tracking your daily calories consumed. Calorie Tracker has been specifically designed for the purpose of helping you track your food intake and eventually, to allow you to lose weight and become a more healthy being. Calorie Tracker is an online program based on […]

Blood Sugar Level Tracker

Diabetic Blood Sugar Level Tracker can help you keep track of your blood sugar levels. Being diabetic does not mean you should not have a way of knowing your blood sugar levels. You may want to check your levels at certain times of the day for example at night before bed, early in the morning […]

Cookbook Templates

Are you looking for some fresh new Cookbook Templates for InDesign? If you are, then don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing for you. Every designer’s dream, to have a blank canvas ready for them to work on. A blank canvas to bring out their creativity and imagination. The only problem is, they can only […]

Food Diary Templates

Food diary templates for KS1 these colourful, dynamic, easy to use food diary templates really are the ideal tool for getting your kids engaged in healthy eating and nutrition. Not only that, they are easy to create and quick to use, so they will save you a lot of preparation and planning time! As a […]