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Employee Database Excel Template

Employee Database Excel Templates are used to store data about each employee. It is an easy and simple excel template that helps you to manage data about your employee very easily. It’s so simple because creating this template is mainly for information and records with multiple employees. This way it can be accessed easier and […]

Employee Vacation Planner

This is an Employee Vacation Planner template that you can simply use to plan, track and evaluate each employee’s taken leave. Setting up, tracking and even planning are all doing using Vacation Tracker worksheets while viewing each month’s summary is also done in separate Vacation Summary worksheets. Due to the many different summary reports/dashboards required […]

Employee Attendance Tracker

An employee attendance tracker maintains a reliable historical record of attendance over many months or years. It lets you know how your staff is performing at work, allowing you to make changes where necessary. You can also view this information in the future, allowing you to plan for workforce planning. No matter how large or […]

Employee Attendance Calendar

An employee attendance calendar is basically a daily calendar where the manager or the employee classifies the employee’s activity performed during the week. You could use an Excel document for every employee to keep their records or just print out the daily attendance calendar and keep that to hand. The entire attendance process should be […]

Employee Schedule Template

An employee schedule template is basically a written timetable for a specified period of time with predetermined employee numbers and shift periods. These templates are used by employers to assign shifts to all their employees and provide each of them with a document to refer to for shifts. There are various advantages of using templates […]

Salary Range Calculator

Salary Range Calculator is a software which helps you in determining the salaries of different professionals and employees. Salary ranges are based on various factors like performance, experience, education, etc. This helps you in calculating the salary required for a particular position. It is very helpful when compared to manual calculation of salaries. Salary Range […]