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Petty Cash Template

A company uses a petty cash template to save time when keeping track of cash transactions. Petty cash is commonly used for paying employees for office supplies that she purchased, meeting payroll expenses, or other miscellaneous expenditures that need fast cash or paper. Because of the fast and convenient manner in which most people tend […]

Cash Flow Statement Template

A cash flow statement template is used to produce an easy to read document that outlines how revenue is generated, where it goes and what it is used for. The cash flow statement is essentially a standardized financial document used to calculate a company’s net income, compare it to the expenses that have been incurred […]

Balance Sheet Template

A balance sheet, also referred to as a statement of financial position, is a summary of all the financial transactions and movements in a corporation’s financial accounts. The balance sheet provides an overview of a company’s assets, liabilities, ownership equity, and retained earnings. It presents an accurate picture of the state of a corporation’s balance […]

Personal Financial Statement Template

A personal financial statement template is simply a document or set of financial documents that outline a person s current financial situation at a particular point in time. It’s usually written out in two parts: an income statement section and a balance sheet section. In general, a personal financial statement template can be used for […]

Profit and Loss Template

Profit and Loss Template is an online web application that helps business people in generating profit or loss statements for online ventures. It can be downloaded from the internet for free. This is a web application that is capable of generating simple but reliable profit and loss statements. The templates are easy to customize and […]

Income Statement Template

An income statement template is very important for everyone who works in the accounting field. In fact, it is considered as the core document that can help create financial statements. This document is used to record all financial transactions, income or assets. It is a summary of what happened in the previous fiscal year, and […]

Rental Property Cash Flow Analysis

Accurately calculating property cash flows is the cornerstone to successful rental property investing. Doing an accurate rental property cash flow analysis allows you to concentrate your time and attention on deals which produce solid cash flows while simultaneously avoiding detrimental property money-losing transactions. This principle applies to all real estate, not just rentals. Here are […]

Free Business Plan Template

A free business plan template is a professionally designed document that give step by step instructions on how to begin a venture, take action, and eventually operate a successful business. This may be the most important document you ever create in your life – it’s your blueprint to success! A template can serve as an […]