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Cash Flow Planner

The Cash Flow Planner Template actually is crucial to your companies overall success. With the capability to accurately forecast your small businesses’ net profit weeks in the very early days. You can study your cash receipts and cash disbursements to better predict when your company may be low on cash flow. Most businesses will typically […]

Cash Flow Statement

To do a cash flow statement, you compare the net cash flow over many years or months. Also, you can apply the cash flow estimate to prepare an expense plan or estimate for future cash inflows (i.e. a cash flow budget.) Cash flow statements are used for many reasons such as planning, forecasting, or analyzing. […]

Operating Cash Flow Calculator

Operating Cash Flow Calculator is a free software program that will help you compute your business operation costs, operating costs and cash inflows for any business, be it a home based business or a multinational company. It calculates your annual operating profit, net profit, return on equity, operating cost and net capital requirements. This program […]

Cash Flow Spreadsheets Template

One of the most convenient ways to prepare a business’s income statement and other financial documents for investors, lenders, and tax professionals is to use a Cash Flow Spreadsheet. A cash flow spreadsheet can be used to calculate future cash inflows and outflows and then compare these against existing balance sheets to determine if there […]