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Applicant Tracking with Hiring Budget

Applicant Tracking with Hiring Budget is the ideal solution for tracking job applicants, eliminating human errors and budget control. There are many tools that are now available for applicant tracking, but most of these tools are not flexible enough to accommodate the needs of a large business or an organization with numerous job openings. Applicant […]

Business Startup Budget

A business startup budget is a tool to help new entrepreneurs determine what costs are involved in starting a new business. The initial cost of setting up a business is one of the largest expenditure for new businesses. Some of the costs include office space rental, computer rental, software rental, internet, phone, marketing material, postage, […]

Project Budget Workbook

A Project Budget Workbook is a great way to manage your time and money. The tool has an analytical capability to create your project and personal budget and when you notice that you’re not following the budget, you can immediately check out your budget worksheet and see what needs your attention. You can easily track […]