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Practicing letters O and P

Practicing letters is an important part of a child’s development. There are a number of apps and games that teach children the alphabet and letter sounds. This section will explore different ways to practice letters that have been used by educators for years, as well as new technology that has been developed to aid in […]

Practicing letters K and L

“Practicing letters K and L” is a great way to teach your children the importance of spelling. You can begin with a one word sentence, such as “The boy loves apples”. Next, you will make an example sentence, such as “The boy likes apples”. You will then use the letters of the word to spell […]

Practicing letters I and J

In the early stages of learning to write, practicing letters I and J can be an effective way of learning to distinguish between the sounds they make when they are pronounced correctly. If you look at the English language, you will see that there is quite a lot of difference between the sounds of many […]

Practicing letters G and H

One of the biggest issues in teaching practicing letters G and H is developing effective habits for reading that can be incorporated into the classroom and into homes. By the time a first grader reaches school age many children have developed very poor habits for reading and writing. This is not uncommon; many kids never […]

Practicing letters c and d

First graders love to learn and the best way to get them to really listen and pay attention is through practicing their letters. First graders can easily get bored when learning new things and this is one of the reasons why many teachers have trouble getting them to really take in what they are learning. […]

Addition and subtraction word problems

Addition and subtraction word problems are part of the foundation for elementary math instruction. Addition is used to multiply or divide something into another. This can also mean adding an item to something else. Subtraction is the process of turning something into its less-than-half complement. For example, if you are multiplying two positive numbers by […]

Addition and subtraction fact families

Addition and subtraction fact families are a critical part of mathematics instruction for the youngest students. They are an integral part of understanding concepts like addition, subtraction, multiply, divide and subtract. It is essential to include these topics in all first year math classes. At first grade many teachers make the mistake of not including […]