4 Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

Substitute teachers are hired because their regular position is filled by a veteran employee. Veteran employees prefer to hire substitutes with some knowledge of the job. Therefore, a resume for a substitute teacher should have certain characteristics.

A substitute teacher resume examples should mention all relevant information about the person’s qualifications including special education and college courses. Explain how you were able to fulfill the requirements for the job. Highlight any special training or certification programs you have taken. Give details of work experiences in which you displayed your abilities. Focus on your strengths especially concerning your communication and leadership skills.

Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

Use the chronological resume format to present key skills necessary for this job. Choose a professional font such as 10pt Arial or Calibri. Include one-inch margins and white space.

1. Substitute Teacher Sample by zipjob

Substitute Teacher Sample by zipjob
Substitute Teacher Sample by zipjob

In the classroom management section, present your ability to organize and create lesson plans. Show how you can facilitate instruction by developing student-teacher relationships. Demonstrate your ability to organize your classroom management tasks and make use of technology to help in your daily operation. For example, if you will be using Microsoft PowerPoint Template to produce a presentation in the classroom, include how to use the program to create effective slideshows.

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2. Substitute Teacher Resume Samples by velvetjobs

Substitute Teacher Resume Samples by velvetjobs
Substitute Teacher Resume Samples by velvetjobs

You can also include some information about your working experiences in two key teacher resume examples. Highlight your two years of experience in elementary school. On the other hand, you can also highlight your four years of experience in elementary or secondary school. The chronological and educational sections of your resume will highlight your previous work experience relevant to the job you are applying for.

3. Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume

Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume
Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume

On the school safety side, provide information about your background, which might include a certificate of completion from a training course you have attended. You can also include information about your volunteer work, such as a certification from your school district. You can use a combination of your school safety qualifications and volunteer work experience to improve your chances for getting the position. One important thing you should keep in mind when writing a school safety resume is that the school district will ask for at least two years of records on you. This is because safety is a major priority in schools.

4. Entry Level Substitute Teacher Resume

Entry Level Substitute Teacher Resume
Entry Level Substitute Teacher Resume

The second part of two substitute teacher resume examples cover your academic qualifications. Most schools use a centralized application to review the applications of potential teachers. You can apply for a position using a local application. It is recommended that you do a local search so you get the best opportunities. If you choose to apply online, there are a number of websites that offer high school and college search services.

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Finally, the last two examples of Substitute Teacher Resume Examples cover your communication skills. You should consider including information about your professional speaking abilities. If you have specialties or certifications, you can emphasize them. Otherwise, you should probably provide information about your communication skills.

In addition to covering your professional qualifications, you should also include information about your academic and professional history when writing a substitute teacher resume examples. For example, if you have been a teacher for more than five years, include all of your degrees. Similarly, if you have little or no teaching experience, you should probably just provide a listing of your educational certifications. One other key detail that you should include is a statement highlighting your professional goals. Whether these goals are simply to get hired or to improve your pay grade, they should be stated on your resume objective.

Appropriate skills for Substitute Teacher Resume

  • Substitute Education
  • Lesson Planning
  • Special Education
  • Middle School Education
  • Relationship Building
  • Student Records Management
  • Safety Awareness
  • Test Preparation
  • Student Evaluation
  • Assignment/Activities
  • Classroom Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Learning Activities
  • Interactive Learning

It is also important to highlight your soft skills. These are not necessarily professional skills like your academic qualifications. Rather, soft skills are those personality traits that you learned in school and that make you a good teacher. You can highlight these skills in a teacher resume by including statements like: I am an outgoing, friendly teacher who is able to relate to all types of students. I am willing to give lessons in a fun, light-hearted manner that makes learning enjoyable. I believe that I am excellent in controlling behavior with positive consequences.

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In summary, your teacher resume should not only provide a broad overview of your professional background and educational training; it should also highlight your key skills, which should be based on your experiences as a substitute teacher. Do not limit your experience to this. If your experience spans a number of different disciplines, you should still include at least one statement about one of your key skills. By doing so, you will give more validity to any applications you make to schools.

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