A social media manager resume example better than many. In particular, how to effectively write a social media resume with great relevance to the job application. Why exactly you would t simply list all social media skills (and what else to do instead.) What exactly does a great resume for a social media manager entail? Check out the following. See if this sounds familiar.

You see these social media manager resume examples all over the place – all the way from college ads to newspaper classifieds. The fact is that the vast majority of these job postings ask for very similar information: that you have a Bachelor’s degree and are very proficient with Excel spreadsheets. This is good, and it certainly indicates that you understand the basic business skills necessary for running social media campaigns… but are those skills enough? What else did you have to bring to the table?

Social Media Manager Resume Examples

First, don’t be afraid to take on some supplementary education. While I was pursuing my master’s in public administration, I spent many evenings online reading digital marketing training courses, and whiteboard sitting with business students learning about search engine optimization. During this time, however, I also took some night classes related to SEO and article writing, which gave me some strong boosts in both of those areas. That extra study and certification really paid off when I applied for jobs in corporate America.

1. Senior Social Media Manager Resume Sample

Senior Social Media Manager Resume Sample
Senior Social Media Manager Resume Sample

Second, make sure you show your real-world experience. Most hiring managers will want to see some actual proof that you have the managerial skills and technological savvy necessary for running a social media management operation. So when you’re applying for jobs, be sure to include not only your degree from your schooling, but also listings of jobs you’ve worked at and other opportunities that list your actual hands-on skills. It’s rare to get a job without some level of portfolio available to show that you know how to run an online operation.

2. Social Media Marketing Manager Resume Sample

Social Media Marketing Manager Resume Sample
Social Media Marketing Manager Resume Sample

And finally, focus on the interpersonal skills, and the technical skills. While most job applicants focus primarily on their technical skills, and they should! But there are times when it makes sense to use your interpersonal skills to wow hiring managers. Let’s say, for example, you’re a recent graduate, and your prospective employer is a company that specialize in online marketing and digital media. Your resume should include your graduate studies, your certification training, work experience in online marketing and digital media, and a line or two about your extracurricular interests (or hobbies, if you’re an avid reader).

3. Social Media Strategist Resume

Social Media Strategist Resume
Social Media Strategist Resume

In summary: when seeking digital marketing manager jobs, keep in mind that your resume should include a few key things: professional experience (from your point of view), your portfolio, and a line or two about your personality, strengths, and skills. Then polish off your application with examples of how you used your interpersonal skills and technical savvy to land the job. If you’ve listed these things, the next step will be to actually write your resume! Again, don’t forget to use your resume examples. Then you’ll have one more critical tool in securing the right position for you!

Action Verbs For Social Media Manager Resumes

Action Verbs