Shift Planner with Attendance Tracker

An easy way to track employee attendance is to use a Shift Planner with Attendance Tracker. The idea is that you can create a custom tool for each shift, which automatically creates the required shift pattern for you based on the attendance of your employees. This tool then enables you to instantly create and print custom employee schedules for your staff and easily determine who is working when and how.

A custom attendance tracker consists of a few different components. The main parts are the basic layout for the main view and the worksheet for each employee, which is simply an Excel workbook. There are also a few other options available, including HTML for reporting and custom reporting module available in many of the more popular scheduling software packages. There are a few reasons why it makes sense to use an attendance tracker with a spreadsheet-based approach such as this.

Shift Planner with Attendance Tracker

Download Printable Shift Planner with Attendance Tracker Template
Download Printable Shift Planner with Attendance Tracker Template

The main reason to use a shift planner with attendance tracker is that you have a simple and clear graphical display of the rota and the swapping. The Swap Employee assignment worksheet in particular has been known to confuse and be inaccurate for some employees. This is because if there is a mistake made in the employee’s name or address it may not show up in the daily report. If a mistake occurs in one of the daily reports it will be shown as being fixed in the previous day’s schedule.

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Using an attendance tracker with a spreadsheet based approach means that you can just drag and drop shift schedules into the document to update it and apply the changes instantly. You don’t need to worry about remembering to save them, amend them or even add more employees to the system. If there is a mistake made, the last thing you need is to be fiddling around with spreadsheets manually in order to fix it. The ease and convenience provided by the custom shift planner with Attendance Tracker make the switch very tempting.

Download Shift Planner with Attendance Tracker Spreadsheets Template

One of the great features of the custom template is that you can assign as many employees as needed to it. Once you have completed the layout, you simply need to copy then paste the information into the calendar of the shift planner and use the copy button to paste into the other spreadsheets. One of the neat features of the template is the ability to change the start and end time of the rota and even choose to randomize the start and end times. In addition there are also options in the template to switch between days and time periods. For example, if you were planning a shift for a week you could do so by selecting a week from the drop down menu.

Not only are the details entered in the template easily changing as required, but you can also assign up to twelve employees to a single schedule. This is useful when planning for large batches of deliveries or more than one shift for a given period of time. You can also create your own custom twelve hour shift schedule if required. The entire process can be completed from the main office. This means that you can view your newly designed schedules immediately after you save them and print them without having to go through the process of copying and pasting information from one spreadsheet to another.

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