Sales Receipt Template

A Sales Receipt Template is a document that is used for customizing the sales receipt so that it comes up looking exactly the way that the company wants. The document also acts as a proof of the sale in case there are any disputes later on. This saves the company both time and money because they do not have to pay to have someone inspect the document after the sale has taken place. The templates also come with an invoice which shows the prices of each product that has been sold and is helpful for accounting purposes.

Sales Receipt Template should include the complete contact information of the customer and seller and the business s permanent address. It should also include the business s logo since it is the most effective marketing tool for any company. It’s also an official custom not to include an individual or private line about the customer as it only serves to leave a bad impression and can also result in legal action against the seller. In some cases, it’s customary to add a small thank you note or an individual greeting to the front or back of the sales receipt. The size of this portion depends on what the customer needs but it is usually printed near the top of the document. The other sections of the template always default to the type of document that they’re referring to.

Sales Receipt Template

Download Sales Receipt Template
Download Sales Receipt Template

One of the biggest reasons companies use a sales receipt template is the fact that most people are familiar with this particular file format. Because it’s a standard format, it’s usually very easy to change the layout and colorization of a template. Companies that offer this type of software also offer several different styles of text boxes and they’re easily interchangeable as well. This means that a doctor’s note would fit into the box that states “Diagnosis”. If that wasn’t enough, you could also create a new style or type of line for each section which could be helpful for certain purposes such as providing an explanation or an invoice for a product that someone may have.

There are a number of different ways that a sales receipt examples can be used. The easiest way to utilize a file format like this is to create a “pure” sales receipt and then customize it to your company. You may already have a file format that is in use for your company and simply need to convert this to a sales receipt template. Some examples of common file formats available for customization are Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Apple iWork Pages.

Download Sales Receipt Spreadsheets Template

A common scenario for a sales receipt template is to create a receipt for a cash register transaction. Since cash registers tend to use bar codes to record the transaction, this is often how companies create these types of receipts. By using the same template as you would for a cash register receipt, you can also customize this to be used as a receipt for an online transaction. In this case, you would simply use the same template for an online transaction as you would with a cash register receipt.

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How to use sales receipt template

Begin by downloading the template and setting up your company by providing basic details like Company Name, Company Slogan, Company Address. This template provides a provision to select the default currency by selecting a country currency symbol from the drop down menu under the country specific settings. Here you can also set the relevant tax type. It also has a inbuilt design picker, where you can choose a colour that is most appropriate for your company. And if this is not enough you can also use Excel’s Themes or colours that can be found in the Page Layout ribbon of Excel 2007 and above.

Once the settings are specified, go to the second sheet named “Sales Receipt” and specify the details of customer who has bought your services or products. After this record the information of the products along with required details like code, quantity and price. In case you are providing some discounts to your customer then you can simply specify discounts at the end of product specification along with details of payment mode and its details.

This template has “Sales Receipt Slip” section at the bottom of “Sales Receipt” that can handed over to customer as a proof of transaction with the name of person or company who received the payment.

There is third sheet in this template that has Printable Sales Receipt in which Sales Receipt details can be recorded in double format. You can print this to give one copy to customer and keep another for your own records.

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In some cases, you will need a sales receipt template that is able to generate different types of transactions. For example, if you sell products over the Internet, you may have many different types of transactions coming into your business on a daily basis. For example, you may receive an email that says you won a competition, you will need to go out to fulfill the order. In this case, you need to have a sales receipt template that can generate a variety of transaction types and labels. Some examples of common transaction types include: payment request, confirmation, credit/debit, and credit/debit and purchase orders. By taking advantage of templates that can be customized for different types of transactions, you can save yourself time and money by not having to create separate templates for each transaction type.

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