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2 Product Manager Resume Examples

Product Manager Resume Examples shows you what successful recruiters seek in a potential candidate. These resumes are the backbone of job searches, since they act as the initial basis of a short-list for job interviews. When writing your application, be sure to keep the following criteria in mind: spelling and grammar, punctuation, typos and grammatical […]

3 Operations Manager Resume Examples

When writing your Operations Manager Resume, don’t forget about the skills you learned during your college days. Most of these resumes are written by graduates of operations management courses, but it doesn’t mean that all of them have to be. The best ones in the first look stack all have one thing in common: They […]

3 Project Manager Resumes Template Examples

Project Manager Resumes is a great way to market yourself to a prospective employer. Most job seekers assume that a job involves only being a good worker, but there is a lot of thinking behind the jobs you choose to do, as well as what you do to get there. For example, most people assume […]

2 Program Manager Resumes Template Examples

Program managers are highly skilled professionals who have a variety of duties. Typically they manage programs that involve several employees or multiple units within an organisation. They are ultimately responsible for laying out goals, monitoring work, and making strategic decisions that affect employee productivity. They also direct, monitor, participate in, and collaborate with other team […]