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DevOps Resume Samples

The demand for a high-end, professional programmer and engineer is soaring, which is evident from the numerous online job listings on various job boards and job search sites. The number of companies offering high-end IT consulting services has also grown, making it harder to find work in this field. Hence, the programmers and engineers are […]

Data Engineer Resume

A data engineer plays a crucial role in any organizations development and growth. Being responsible for the design and implementation of data-based systems, they help create new business opportunities and streamline existing ones. The primary focus of a data engineer is to design and develop information technology systems and then maintain them. To execute this […]

Data Analyst Resume

A data analyst job description is pretty straightforward. Basically, data analyst jobs revolve around analyzing large sets of information for a given company. Data analysts are needed by many companies throughout the United States in every industry, from financial institutions to defense companies to government agencies. Data analysts are also necessary for a growing number […]

Computer Science (CS) Resume

Computer science jobs are among the most popular in the field. They pay very well, have plenty of possibilities, and are always in demand. However, for a computer science major to stand out in the crowd, he or she must craft a well-written resume that will highlight not only their computer programming experience but also […]

Programmer Resume Examples

A programmer job description will usually indicate that the position is a technical one, requiring a strong attention to detail and programming aptitude. A resume with a focus on the technical aspects of the position will usually be more appealing than a resume focusing only on a general knowledge of computer programming. Programmer Resume Examples […]

Software Engineer Resume

Looking to get a job in software development? Meaning, don t call it a job interview, if you really wish to have a serious shot at a good interview. You have to learn to write an effective software engineer resume to even be considered for an interview with one of the top-level computer development companies. […]

Web Developer Resume

A web developer resume is essentially a document that list a person’s work history, educational background, skills and capabilities, and other traits desired by prospective employers. Web developers are in high demand, and they typically have many different skills needed to successfully complete a number of tasks in a busy office. Some web developers work […]

IT Manager Resume

IT Manager Resume Template A well organized resume for an IT Manager would consist of the following data in this order: Name, address, contact information, company affiliation, education, background, resume summary. The resume should reflect your qualifications and experience and should highlight your strengths. IT Manager is a highly demanding job as the head of […]

Front End Developer Resume

Here’s how to really write a front end developer resume in reverse chronological order: document your educational and work history, then talk about your web development skills. Include other sections as needed, like computer design or software engineering skills. Be concise and be honest. As you will see, there are many options for how to […]

Full Stack Developer Resume

A full stack web developer is actually a hybrid of back-end programming and front-end web development. Their job revolves around the application/website development while also working on the backend databases/infrastructures. In other words, they act as the managers of the project while also working as developers on the front-ends. There are actually different types of […]