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Explore over 9,000 unique resume templates to create eye-catching and professional documents for any industry. Aside from professional resume templates, many bundles and sets include business card and cover letter templates that can be edited with different design programs as well as Microsoft Word.

10 Digital Marketer Resume Sample

When crafting a digital marketing resume, it’s essential to focus on your key accomplishments and experience. Start with your most recent job, listing the title, company, dates, location, and results. Then, include your education and other relevant details. After your work experience, you should focus on your educational background. Lastly, remember to include any extra […]

10 Communication Officer Resume Example

A communications officer resume must be superior to those of other job seekers. It should highlight your skills, experience, and accomplishments. A top-notch CV should include key points like the following: A career summary, a list of achievements, and a list of responsibilities. You can also use a simple resume builder to guide you through […]

10 Customer Service Resume Sample

Creating a successful customer service resume starts with the right format and emphasis. These factors will help you pass an ATS screening and get an interview. A customer service resume shows employers you have a human connection with their customers and are committed to improving their experiences. To attract top employers, highlight your skills and […]

10 Printer Technician Resume Example

The objective of a resume for a printer technician is to get the right job. This means highlighting all the skills necessary for that specific position. You should list each relevant bullet point from the job description under the appropriate section of your resume. The appropriate sections are education, technical skills, and qualifications. Keep your […]

10 Junior Software Developer Resume Example

As a junior software developer, you are responsible for creating, maintaining, and developing key modules for software solutions. Your primary responsibilities will be developing web applications using different programming languages. Your skills will include implementing caches and storing data in RAM and sending it to the server when the network is available. You should have […]

10 IT Operations Manager Resume Example

An IT Operations Manager (ITO) is responsible for managing IT personnel, overseeing installations, and coordinating directives. The job duties also include administering daily computer operating systems. This position also coordinates with the facilities department and IT staff, analyzing network problems and server issues, and working with vendors and employees to resolve problems efficiently and quickly. […]

10 Information Security Consultant Resume Example

Your resume should highlight your relevant education and experience as an information security consultant. You should include both education and experience on your resume. The latter should be listed first, followed by education and experience. Ideally, you should have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, rather than an Associate’s degree. In addition, you should have a solid […]