Rental Property Spreadsheet

If you’re a landlord and you want to know how much your tenant is likely to pay every month then it’s worth considering getting them a rental property spreadsheet. This is a spreadsheet that will help you calculate how much you should charge the tenant for their rent each month. One of the main factors taken into account when setting a fee is the estimated reading time of the tenant. Obviously, if the tenant doesn’t have the time to complete the lease form then there will be a fee charged.

It’s easy to use these rental payment spreadsheets and they are also available in Microsoft Word. All you have to do is open the template in Microsoft Word and fill in the information required on the tabs that are shown. The spreadsheet will then print out the appropriate format and so you can print it off and use it as a template for your own financial records. There is actually a good reason why landlords do use spreadsheets like this for their monthly financial records. It makes calculating the cash flow more efficient and less stressful on the part of the landlord.

Rental Property Spreadsheet

Download Printable Rental Property Spreadsheet Template
Download Printable Rental Property Spreadsheet Template

One of the benefits of the commercial real estate investor to use spreadsheets for financial records is that it’s much easier to enter the relevant information. Most people are more comfortable entering their information in a spreadsheet format versus doing it the old-fashioned way. The problem is entered information can change from year to year so it’s important to maintain accurate records. Also, it’s much harder to make any changes to the commercial real estate loan documents once they are printed out which could lead to costly mistakes.

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Rental Property Spreadsheet Template Preview

One feature of most rental property spreadsheet templates is a money-saving feature that shows the owner their estimated reading time for their unit. This is based on information from their previous rental unit and is shown in units with a money-saving tracker. It is also possible to turn this tracking off if a person doesn’t need to track their daily task information. However, there is a great advantage to having an accurate read time for each unit regardless of whether it is being tracked or not.

An important part of any decent spreadsheet is the ability to create a range for a specific column. Most landlords income is shown as a range because it varies from month to month. However, some landlords income can come from one transaction to another which would leave a range. One example would be if a person had rented an apartment last month and the next month they were able to rent out a whole unit and so their estimated reading time was updated accordingly.

One other important thing to look for in these spreadsheets is whether there is a formula or calculator somewhere within the document. There are some good deals of spreadsheet software online where you can use them for free and then download the template and use it with no problems. However, it can be very difficult to get just the right template to suit your needs. An easy way around this is to get a template with calculators built in which means you can input your own information into the spreadsheet will automatically calculate a rent amount for you based on your details.

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Download Rental Property Spreadsheet Template

If you want something that is more robust then there are a couple of excellent paid templates available as well. The best one I have seen is from Merchant Bank. They offer several different types of templates that you can choose from. The ones I used were fantastic and worked perfectly for my business needs. The estimated reading time was always accurate and I was able to easily change it to show me what I was actually earning.

Also available for free is a Vacation Renting Income Estimator. This is a simple financial model template that helps you calculate how much money you will be able to take out in vacation rentals for the months of the year when you are away from home. These templates can really help you work out a good budget so that you know what you can expect to earn in your rentals each month. If you use them correctly then you should easily be able to turn a profit in your rentals and easily afford to pay off any other debts you may have.

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