Using a customer list template to create a cost effective, customized brochure for your product or service is a great way to generate more sales. A customer list template can be used to collect customer data and then modify the data so that it can be printed in an attractive format. The template should be designed so that each page of the pamphlet will link to the appropriate pages when the reader clicks on the links. This will allow for a smooth process of linking the products and services on the pages and increasing sales.

With a clearly defined set of terms, a business can use a price list to attract customers. A price list is the first step in launching a new business enterprise. It is a critical document for any new business that seeks to maximize its potential to revenue. All business owners should have a copy of the price list in their computer system.

Price List with Customer List

Download Printable Price List with Customer List Template
Download Printable Price List with Customer List Template

One of the primary purposes of using a customer listing template is to simplify the data collection process. It is important that all customers understand what they are paying for as well as how much they are spending. A template can help a company to gather the appropriate amount of information to satisfy both groups.

The standard format for a price list is the left pane of the template. The top portion of the template will display the names and addresses of the customers. Underneath those names and addresses is the list of products. There will be columns for price, model, department and date of purchase. At the bottom of the right pane you will see the order summary. This portion of the customer list template will display all the information needed by the company to calculate the prices for the various items sold.

Download Price List with Customer List Spreadsheets Template

Depending on the number of categories in the price list a business may choose to add more rows for more categories. The order summary should always be present when dealing with a standard price list. This will clearly display which customer has what order and the amount due for each item. The order summary will also indicate whether an extra item is available at that price or not. It will list the product name and quantity.

Using a customer list template can save a company time and money. If you do not know how to set up a database to build a customer list, there are lists available for download online. A customer database can be used to simply identify customers by category or to build up a database for billing and shipping purposes. It can also be used to generate invoices and receipts as well as keep tabs on past sales and customer history. If you plan to use a customer list template, your job will be a lot easier.