Price List Template

A price list template can help companies manage inventory more efficiently and provide consumers with clear pricing information. Use this template to produce a wholesale or retail price list showing monthly unit and average price. Include business name, phone number and any other information that consumers should know. Do not just use the prices for single products; list every category and sub-categories of products. To keep your customers abreast of current prices and special offers, add new items frequently.

A good price list template example can also be used to add a supplier invoice. This is especially useful when you are receiving invoices on a regular basis. By adding this as part of your inventory tracking system , you will be able to track and manage your suppliers as well as their prices. Using a system like this will also allow you to include sales tax and shipping rates so you can accurately calculate your shipping costs and turn them into an itemized invoice for customers to pay for.

Price List Template

Just as with most of our spreadsheet templates, this template also includes settings worksheet that lets you set up all 3 price list worksheets included with this template at once. You can quickly update your company information and even specify the currency for your price lists. The template provides a version for listing prices for your products, services, and products with a bulk pricing option all on separate worksheets.
Printable Price List Template

To fully utilize a price list template, you must provide your own text and formatting for each product line. Some systems provide preformatted text and graphics for ease of use. If you are considering using this method, make sure your own text is unique. Otherwise your customized pricing guide will look like many other pricing guides.

As a business owner, it is your job to set the tone and the culture of your company. For this reason, make use of your own discretion when creating your price list template. Remember, your price list template should reflect your business’s image. Determine how your pricing guide will be worded, what types of fonts and layouts will be used, and how you will label and highlight products. Be sure you select templates that are both user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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One of the most popular uses for price list templates is social media marketing. A great way to get your message out and build awareness for your business is to make use of the power of social media marketing. Social media allows you to build relationships with potential and current customers, share photos and videos, and connect with previous customers and clients on a more personal level. To effectively use social media marketing, make use of a price list template that includes social media icons and buttons. For instance, if you are marketing toward women, you can place a button for a squeeze page or a button for a Facebook fan page.

When you use a price list template, it allows you to keep track of your pricing throughout the year. Many companies mistakenly believe that printing price lists on paper will save money. In reality, printed price lists will actually cost more than they would with a price list template. A template is more effective in many ways and allows you to customize your documents in a number of different ways, such as size, font, and color.

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