Practicing letters K and L

Practicing letters K and L” is a great way to teach your children the importance of spelling. You can begin with a one word sentence, such as “The boy loves apples”. Next, you will make an example sentence, such as “The boy likes apples”. You will then use the letters of the word to spell out the word. You do not have to use all the letters of the word at once. Rather, just use the letter you are teaching the child with, until your child has mastered that sound and then you will add the rest.

You can also practice your alphabet on its own. This is especially important if you are starting with the letter K. You might begin by writing the alphabet from left to right, and then list the K’s in pairs. Then, repeat the letter pairing until your child has mastered that sound. You can make your example sentences more fun by changing the order of the letters or the K’s and L’s.

Practicing letters k and l

12 Printable Practicing letters k and l worksheets
12 Printable Practicing letters k and l worksheets

Another good exercise to help with spelling is to take a foreign language class and teach your kids how to pronounce the words in that language. It is easier to teach them to say the letters correctly, because you already know the sounds they make when they say those letters. However, it does take time for your kids to get used to this, and so it makes perfect sense to start practicing the letters in your home while you are in class.

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Practicing letters k Worksheets

One word of advice is to never let the kids spell the letters out. That way they cannot see how difficult it is. They can become frustrated, and they will not understand why they do not sound right when they write or say those letters. You should always encourage them to practice the letters by letting them see you spell them out.

Practicing letters l Worksheets

It is easy to see why children are often scared of the alphabet. It just looks different and there are so many unfamiliar sounds. In some cases, the letters are placed together, without any kind of sound, such as the “ah” sound in the word angel. All of these things can leave little children in a state of panic. However, it is possible to alleviate their fear by being gentle and encouraging them to talk and spell the letters out slowly.

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Do not become frustrated, but continue to practice with your kids. This will only strengthen their memory of letters. If you want to teach them words for the rest of their life, then you need to have them learn to spell them out and say each sound clearly and accurately. Then they will sound great when they say the letter out loud!

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