Practicing letters I and J

In the early stages of learning to write, practicing letters I and J can be an effective way of learning to distinguish between the sounds they make when they are pronounced correctly. If you look at the English language, you will see that there is quite a lot of difference between the sounds of many common English words. For example, you will see that there are words such as the letter “I” and the sound of the word “arse.” The examples given below demonstrate how it is important to differentiate between the two.

Let’s start out with the letter “I and J.” In this example, we have a child who is trying to say the word “arse” in a very excited tone. The sound of the letter A should be distinct from the sound of the letter R. The best way to demonstrate this is by having the child repeat after you the letter A, then say it in another tone. In this example, you are emphasizing the A sound, as well as making the letter “R” more distinguishable. This exercise will also show children how to vary the speed of their voice when they are pronouncing certain letters.

Practicing letters I and J

10 Printable Practicing letters i and j worksheets
10 Printable Practicing letters i and j worksheets

Let’s now try another example. This time, you will be using only the letters A through J. Again, start out by having the child repeat after you the word she wants to teach you, and in another tone. Notice how she lengthens or shortens the words. This will help her to learn to distinguish the different sound of the letters I through J. When she has mastered this skill, she can practice this in a mirror while saying the words, and then with your assistance, say them aloud.

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Printable Practicing letters I Worksheets

Another great exercise is to ask your child to say the alphabetical words while repeating them in several different octaves. For example, you might ask your child to say the alphabetical letters of the alphabet worksheets, beginning with A, and then J, K, and finally, L. Next, move up to the numbers starting with one, going up two octaves, and then up three octaves. This will give your child an idea of how far the sounds have gone. This same method can be used when learning other letters, such as learning the numbers from one to ten.

Printable Practicing letters J Worksheets

Finally, to get your child to practice saying these letters, tell your child when it is time to say the letter. Have him/her kneel down on the ground, and then have your child pick up the pen and begin to mimic the sound. Repeat this exercise over again until your child gets comfortable. After time is up, ask your child to stand, and then practice saying the letters in the same manner as before.

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With these simple exercises, you will notice that your child is able to say the alphabetical letters. However, to really practice this skill, it is important to incorporate real world language into the process. For example, if you are teaching your child how to say “Hello” in Spanish, then make the learning process even more fun by purchasing or getting something that says hello in Spanish. Games are a great way to help children practice saying the alphabetical letters. Finally, make learning the Spanish language fun!

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