Practicing letters G and H

One of the biggest issues in teaching practicing letters G and H is developing effective habits for reading that can be incorporated into the classroom and into homes. By the time a first grader reaches school age many children have developed very poor habits for reading and writing. This is not uncommon; many kids never really develop any reading or writing skills outside of the early years of their education. Luckily for parents and schools it is possible to teach reading strategies that are both fun and effective.

When your child gets ready to start kindergarten you should provide her with an early reading worksheet. The best early reading worksheets provide your kid with a variety of basic letters and a variety of different ways to combine and sequence these letters to produce various sounds and letters. The best preschool worksheets have two goals. The first goal of a preschool early reading worksheet should get your child used to forming basic words and sentences and the second goal of the early reading worksheet should develop your child’s ability to identify the alphabet and learn how to read and write it.

Practicing letters G and H

10 Printable Practicing letters G and H worksheets
10 Printable Practicing letters G and H worksheets

Some of the best early reading worksheets use printables to encourage your child to focus on forming and building up the sounds of the alphabet. You should provide your child with printables for the common letter pairs such as g, h, e, r, and i. You may also want to include printables for the sounds of some uncommon letter combinations such as o, u, a, o, and u. If your child cannot print out the alphabetical printables from the worksheet use photos or pictures that show the letter pairs associated with the sounds. Some preschool centers offer DVD learning programs that allow your preschooler to sit at a computer, navigate a website, and watch a film to learn and practice writing and reading the alphabet. These types of DVD learning programs are often accompanied by fun printable worksheets that you can print out and use as practice papers. These printable worksheets make learning to read and write fun and you should encourage your preschooler to spend time doing this with you. In addition to using the DVD learning program as a practice paper, you should also provide your preschooler with a number of blank Word documents to work on.

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Printable Practicing letters G Worksheets

You can find a great many resources on the internet that offer printable alphabet worksheets free of charge. A large number of these free printable alphabet sheets are available in several different sizes. One benefit of these type of free printable alphabet sheets is that they allow you to work on practicing different letter sounds at your leisure. This allows you to spend more time working on learning the sounds of the more common letter combinations rather than focusing your attention on developing the sounds of the more difficult to learn lowercase letters. In addition to the free printable alphabet sheets that you find online, you should also consider purchasing a workbook or a notebook that has a large number of blank pages.

Printable Practicing letters H Worksheets

In addition to using a workbook or a notebook, you should also encourage your preschooler to develop a written early reading and writing worksheet. A well developed early reading and writing worksheet will be one that motivates your child to spend time practicing letter sounds. The workbook or notebook should have several blank pages where your child can write as he or she learns each letter. You may want to encourage your child to start on the worksheets with the first letters of the alphabet. Your child needs to be able to show you which letters are capitalized, which are not, and which letters look the same in each space.

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When teaching your child how to read and write, you will need to provide her with a wide variety of different resources. In addition to having a wide variety of books on hand, you should also provide your child with various different types of resources. One of these resources should include worksheets and alphabetical lists. An additional resource is a worksheet for creating words and phrases from the alphabet. Finally, you should provide your child with some simple games that use the alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter. Practicing letters with these additional resources will help your child to develop the ability to recognize and pronounce each letter, to understand the sounds associated with each letter, and to utilize the worksheets and the alphabetical lists to develop her early reading and writing skills.

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