Petty Cash Template

A company uses a petty cash template to save time when keeping track of cash transactions. Petty cash is commonly used for paying employees for office supplies that she purchased, meeting payroll expenses, or other miscellaneous expenditures that need fast cash or paper. Because of the fast and convenient manner in which most people tend to handle their own money, companies are now taking advantage of this fact. One way they do this is through the use of a petty cash template. A template is used for making entries of cash or check amounts for a variety of reasons. Below are examples of reasons to use them.

When a customer goes to a grocery store, the cashier may enter a quick amount into a register. If the total does not meet the store’s requirements, such as a small amount or a large amount, the cashier will enter the amount as a petty cash form. This form is usually a line with a check mark or a check placed under it to indicate that the transaction is a debit and will be charged a fee for such a transaction. Another example would be when a person goes to pay for gas at a station.

Petty Cash Template

Petty Cash Spreadsheets Template
Petty Cash Spreadsheets Template

Sometimes, a customer will forget to write down a check amount or may be in a hurry. In these cases, a petty cash spreadsheet template can help. Such a sheet can be used by the cashier to enter amounts onto a separate sheet for quick retrieval. This sheet can be located on a computerized system that makes retrieving the amounts easy. This template can be printed out at the time of each transaction for use later or photocopied for use at a later time.

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A petty cash template can be very helpful for a cashier in completing her daily tasks. She can enter a transaction using a check register and the template can be printed out for later use. If the transaction is not a credit transaction, such as when a customer purchases something with cash, the cashier can enter an estimate of the cash available. This estimate can be displayed on a computer screen for a quick estimate of her next transaction.

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In some stores, a petty cash template will record all of the daily transactions the cashier must do. Such a template can record a customer’s bill payment, change of total, number of checks, and opening balance. The opening balance is the total of all cash transactions handled in one day.

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There are many advantages of using an excel petty cash template. These templates can be used for specific purposes, such as in a business or personal life. In a business setting, they can be used to calculate expenses. They can also be used for analysis or reporting purposes.

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