3 Operations Manager Resume Examples

When writing your Operations Manager Resume, don’t forget about the skills you learned during your college days. Most of these resumes are written by graduates of operations management courses, but it doesn’t mean that all of them have to be. The best ones in the first look stack all have one thing in common: They successfully express their promises. Operations Manager Resume Examples is written by experienced candidates who have spent time as operations managers. It is easy to make a laundry list of operations manager capabilities: That is sort of like saying…

The real test of your abilities is what sort of job offer you get when you apply for a management position. You’ll need to take into account your recent past job experience and your overall career objectives. Do you want to run a manufacturing facility? Or work for a business consultancy firm that focuses on operations management?

Operations Manager Resume Examples

As with any other type of resume, an operations manager resume examples should include information about your qualifications and your career goals. At the end of your application, always write a cover letter that summarizes your accomplishments. Operations manager cover letters are almost always very structured. Usually there will be one general section where you briefly list your educational background, your job offer, and your career objectives. Then you will need to put down your career objectives.

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1. Business Operations Manager Resume Sample

Business Operations Manager Resume Sample
Business Operations Manager Resume Sample

Operations manager job resumes must contain a few key things: Leadership skills, Communication skills, Teamwork skills, and Technical competence. Most of the times, you’ll be asked to write a brief overview of your achievements. But you must be thorough. Don’t simply list your job title and position. There are many operations manager job resumes examples online that have a detailed description of how to write a successful curriculum vitae.

2. Technical Operations Manager Resume Sample

Technical Operations Manager Resume Sample
Technical Operations Manager Resume Sample

For example, one of the operations manager resume examples lists communication skills in detail. If you’re applying for a position at a consulting firm, don’t just list your degree and your expertise in business administration. Write down some specific examples of communication skills that you can use in your role. Here are some examples:

3. Marketing Operations Manager Resume Sample

Marketing Operations Manager Resume Sample
Marketing Operations Manager Resume Sample

Some operations manager resume examples will even have a business administration emphasis. What you may not realize is that your professional experiences, particularly in operations management, can serve you well in a business administration setting. In fact, it would serve you well to have such experience. Some resumes also list your field experience. Again, make sure to include any relevant experience sections.

Operations Manager Resume Tips

So now that you know what skills you need in order to be a great operations manager, what else should you keep in mind when you’re writing your resume? Here are some tips to guide you.

  • Use metrics to show what you’ve accomplished
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When a recruiter looks at your resume, they might be most interested in what you accomplished at past jobs — there’s no better proof of your skills and abilities. Operations managers are tasked with increasing the profitability and efficiency of companies, so if you’re pursuing one of these jobs, you need to show that you’ve gotten those kinds of results for other businesses.

Wherever possible, use specific numbers to show what you achieved in your previous positions. For example, did you drive a 45% increase in sales? Were you able to slash production costs by 20%? Potential employers want to see examples of where you have increased revenue, reduced expenses, or achieved other quantifiable results in the past.

  • Tailor your resume to the specific job

If you’ve read this far, you have some idea of what operations manager recruiters are looking for — so make sure to tailor your resume to the opportunity you’re applying for. Emphasize the skills we mentioned in the previous section. Work experience carries a lot of weight, too — you’ll usually need to show some management experience and a high level of comfort with most aspects of business operations.

In addition to all of that, keep in mind that many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other scanning software to filter incoming resumes. A well-tailored resume should include specific keywords for the industry and position. You can find keywords by looking at operations manager job descriptions and noticing any words that commonly pop up (e.g. “communication”, “planning”, or “decision making”), then including those in your resume.

  • Summarize your work experience with strong bullet points
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No matter what job you’re applying for, we always suggest crafting bullet points that capture your accomplishments with just the right amount of detail — succinct, yet impactful. Operations managers in particular need to show that they can be leaders and that they make wise decisions that benefit companies.

On an operations manager resume, your bullet points should paint you as a highly capable, experienced professional. This is no time to be timid; this is the time to let your light shine and dazzle your potential employers with everything you’ve done. Here are some examples of weaker and stronger bullet points.


Assisted with improving company’s production process
This bullet point is vague and meaningless; it doesn’t specify what you accomplished or what impact you had. And never say that you “assisted” with doing something; while you might think you’re being humble, you’re actually downplaying your achievements and reducing their value in a recruiter’s eyes. Needless to say, that won’t help you get hired.


Developed and implemented a new production process that improved efficiency by 25%
Here, you’re leading with a strong action verb (“developed”) that shows you took on responsibility for a project and achieved significant improvements through your efforts. A bullet point like this one shows initiative, confidence, and leadership — all of which you need for an operations manager job.

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