Junior Financial Analyst Resume

The job description of a junior financial analyst can be quite a challenge for recruiters. They have to read through tons of resumes, contact many applicants, and interview dozens of applicants before they eventually decide on who the best candidate is. There is also the job of contacting executives from various banks to inquire about open senior financial analyst positions. It’s important to remember that senior positions often require some level of financial analysts’ experience. This means that a junior analyst might not be able to jump right into the position without some work.

Junior analysts have the analytical skills to perform a wide variety of financial functions. In addition to being able to analyze the data produced by internal/external reports and internal documents, they are often required to create financial statements and work with management and accountants to come up with accurate, comprehensive, and timely reports. Junior analysts are also typically required to perform research and statistical analysis in order to assess and improve the functioning of the company. Many of these duties can be performed by a qualified accountant.

Junior Financial Analyst Resume

Junior Financial Analyst Resume
Junior Financial Analyst Resume
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To get into this field, it is critical that the individual create a resume that will showcase their analytical and communication skills. It’s important to highlight all of these skills on the resume. If the individual wants to emphasize their communication skills, it’s wise to choose a resume with a bulleted list of their career accomplishments-most often, the list will be organized by the category on the resume. List all of the relevant tasks that each job entails, as well as any other skills that they have developed over the years.

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Junior Financial Analyst Resume Text Format

Steven Nathan

Jr Financial Analyst


Dedicated and detail-oriented Financial Analyst committed to the teamwork that leads to a team’s success. Focused on continual professional and personal growth, including the improvement of business and economic knowledge.


  • Trend analysis
  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Corporate finance knowledge
  • Project management
  • Organization
  • Planning

Work Experience

Financial Analyst

BDOApr 2017

Maintained and monitored the fund and equity investments, including inflows, outflows, valuations, risk ratings, performance analysis, and record maintenance

Finance Intern

BPISep 2012

Assisted with financial analysis, forecasting, and risk assessment for a boutique investment firm. Supported and collaborated with Senior Financial Analyst in executing buy-sell process.

Financial Analyst


Collected, analyzed, and managed quantitative dataand created meaningful reports to lead business improvement.

Recommended, developed, and implemented policies and programs that guide the organization in maintaining and improvising its competitive position and profitability


Financial Management

San Jose State UniversityJun 2016


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

One important quality to showcase on a resume is good communication skills. Analysts are required to communicate with clients, staff, and others. If the person has good communication skills, it will be easy for them to understand and convey their message. In addition, good communication skills are necessary for junior financial analysts to develop effective financial modeling skills. By honing their financial modeling skills, junior analysts can be expected to perform well in the job environment.

Another important quality to include on a Junior Financial Analyst Resume is strong interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are extremely important in the business environment, especially in the manufacturing environment. Since financial modeling involves working with other people, it’s important for the individual to be friendly and outgoing in the hiring process. Clients are more likely to hire individuals that have a good rapport with others.

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Tips to write a great objective for a Junior Financial Analyst job:

Tip 1: Don’t make the mistake of making your objective section longer than those of the other applicants by claiming that you have more experience than they do. This is especially true if you feel that you don’t have enough experience for the position. Keep your objective section to 2-3 lines MAXIMUM.

To be sure, try writing down your objective on a piece of paper and asking someone to read it back to you. If they cannot understand that you want it job, then it might be too long and they may not even bother reading any further.

Tip 2: If you know the exact position that you want to apply for, then at minimum your objective should clearly state the job title. For example Junior Financial Analyst or Personal Assistant etc)

Tip 3: It is very important to put the company name and job title in your objective section. For example, if you are applying for a “Junior Financial Analyst” job with “Company A” then say something like this:

  • Seeking the position of a Junior Financial Analyst with Company A.

When completing a Junior Financial Analyst Resume, it’s smart to include one or two professional references, especially if the individual is relatively new in the industry. The company should list their client as a primary contact in case of questions or concerns. Another professional reference should be included in the education section. The references in the education section should be relatively recent, since these individuals are usually fresh out of college and still trying to find their footing in the business world. The ideal candidate will have a mix of academic knowledge and work experience that make them versatile in their position.

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Communication is an important skill that every junior employee must possess. Whether it’s attending phone calls in the office, writing memos, taking emails, or communicating via multiple tasks over multiple devices, good organizational skills are essential. It’s no surprise that good organizational skills are seen as a necessity for entry-level financial information analysts.

A thorough understanding of the job title, responsibilities, and the overall vision of the company is also crucial. When writing a Junior Financial Analyst Resume, it’s smart to keep these important details in mind. The final goal of the resume is to clearly communicate to potential employers that you’re a valuable member of the organization. With the right information in hand, your resume will give you the best opportunity to land that job!