Junior Accountant Resume Sample Template

Why is this a good Junior Accountant Resume Sample to read? First, anyone who is looking to get a job as an accountant or CPA needs to have a good Junior Accountant Resume Sample to put their skills on display. It shows prospective employers how well you can organize and present information and experiences to potential employers. Also, the format makes it easier for the human resources department to put their best candidates into the company.

The first thing any prospective job hunter must think about when crafting their resume is the appropriate format. The most common format for a junior accountant resume sample is the chronological resume format. This format focuses primarily on your job history, so much of the page is about your past achievements and duties. This makes it easier for a recruiter or hiring manager to see how well-organized and detail-oriented you are and how they would feel about hiring someone with your skills and experience.

Junior Accountant Resume Sample

Junior Accountant Resume Sample
Junior Accountant Resume Sample
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A chronological junior accountant resume sample often provides a chronological work experience summary. This is where the recruiter will see how long you have been with the company and what your responsibilities were. Sometimes the objective for the job is simply listed as “Junior Accountant.” The objective does not always need to be included here, but it can give a jobseeker some information to think about when making their decision. The objective may provide insight into your skills and experiences that could help the recruiter select you over another candidate with similar qualifications.

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Objective Statement

Motivated and detail-oriented junior accountant with 2 years general accounting experience offers the following skills and experience:

  • solid working knowledge of MS Office with a strong level of proficiency in Excel
  • administration of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • efficient maintenance of the integrity of general ledger accounts
  • preparation of accurate financial accounts and reports to comply with accounting principles and practices
  • engagement with budget development and financial forecasting
  • able to accurately gather, interpret and analyze financial data
  • excellent organizational skills with demonstrated ability to effectively prioritize to meet strict deadlines
  • proven ability to quickly learn and use new technologies and tools

Work ExperienceJunior Accountant

Verizon Products, Selma, IN

September 2018 to date

  • assist with the preparation, analysis and verification of accounting records, financial statements and reports to ensure accuracy and adherence to reporting and procedural standards
  • maintain the general ledger operations
  • support the month end close process
  • audit, process and pay vendor invoices in an accurate and timely manner
  • reconcile invoices to purchase orders and bill customers
  • resolve AP and AR problems with vendors and customers
  • collect, categorize, calculate, verify and enter data to maintain accurate records
  • assist with budget development and financial forecasting
  • monitor and analyze budget variances
  • assist with tax filings
  • record and process employee expense reports and reconcile credit card statements
  • coordinate audits in accordance with internal and external procedures
  • assist with special projects related to process improvements
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Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN

Associates Degree in Accounting 2018

Technical Skills

  • MS Office
  • Oracle
  • NetSuite
  • Quickbooks
  • working knowledge of local, state and federal laws regarding accounting, finances and taxation


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A chronological work experience summary is also helpful when it comes to crafting a strong resume writing. This part usually includes information about your skills and what you have accomplished in the previous jobs you held. A recruiter can tell at a glance if you have the skills and abilities needed to do the job. A weak ability in one area may mean that you won’t be selected for the job, even if you have many other strong skills.

In some cases a chronological junior accountant resume sample will list the position you held and the responsibilities you were responsible for in each job. This detail-oriented approach helps you drill down and get specific about what you did in each position. When writing a chronological resume, it is important to be as detailed and specific as possible. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the hiring manager or jobseeker to read and understand.

Finally, another important aspect to a chronological junior accountant resume sample is to create an overall job description. A job description is usually broken down into specific sections. A key objective, skills, abilities, experience, and objectives are usually listed in the broad sections of a job description. A summary of career accomplishments and skills in the summary section helps readers focus on what it is you’ve done in the past and your ability to bring those achievements to the current employer.

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When writing a Junior Accountant Resume Sample, keep these important tips in mind. Use a chronological approach in writing your resume and highlight your strengths by using specific details about each of your previous jobs. Explain your skills and abilities clearly and concisely. Detail specific dates relevant to the job opportunity and explain how you met the hiring manager. Be specific about the company, department, and position you were recruited for. Finally, create a detailed, industry-specific summary that mentions all of your objectives and highlights your best abilities.

Your Junior Accountant Resume Sample should not only contain chronological information, but also a skill-based section that lists your special skills, abilities, and experience. Make sure to include a summary of education, work experience, certifications, and professional experience in your CV as well, especially if the job you’re applying for requires an accountant with a college degree. And remember to use high quality paper and pen that portray professionalism. Readmore : Junior Financial Analyst Resume