General Ledger Template

General Ledger Template is the foundation of any type of business or accounting system. It is usually used to record daily transactions, make reports or for planning purposes. General Ledger template acts as the skeleton of an accountant’s work. This type of template records different financial transactions such as sales, purchases, income, expenses and net worth. It also helps to keep track of the ledger accounts. In fact it is one of the most important tools in the business cycle.

General Ledger Template is used for making balance and other profit and loss account. A general ledger template is an master financial record of all your company’s accounting transactions. The difference of an ordinary accounting ledger and a general ledger template reflects the gap between credits and debits. By subtracting the amount of debits from the amount of credits you can calculate the net cash balance. This condition is essential in creating an accurate financial record.

General Ledger Template

Download Printable General Ledger Template Template
Download Printable General Ledger Template Template

This kind of accounting system has various advantages. The most obvious advantage of using a general ledger template is that it provides a shortcut throughout the calculation of the financial statements. Using this kind of method makes the preparation of financial statements much easier since there is no necessity to create double-entry bookkeeping. This is because only a single entry is made for each transaction in the ledger. The double-entry bookkeeping system is quite tedious and time consuming.

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General Ledger Template Preview

Another advantage of using a general ledger template is that it eliminates the tedious task of manually entering the values of the debits and credits. It takes much less time to calculate the balance. This method helps the accountant to understand the profit and loss account easily and quickly. Because of the elimination of double-entry bookkeeping, this method can also be used for recording other financial transactions.

A general ledger usually contains three kinds of transactions: debits, credits, and liabilities. These transactions are recorded in the ledger accounts. If the accounts are not properly kept, these could have a negative effect on the overall financial condition. If the ledger is improperly maintained, it will result in inaccurate transactions.

Double-entry bookkeeping involves the entry of debit and credit transactions twice; once for debit and the second for credit. This leads to an increase in the possibility of errors on the financial statements of the company. For instance, the first transaction could be a purchase of goods while the second transaction could be the repayment of a debt. Thus, the balance of the account information will be wrongly entered leading to incorrect entries in the financial statements of the company.

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General Ledger Template is specially designed for easy tracking of financial transactions. In this method, the company will not have to create or maintain any special ledgers. The information regarding the company’s assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and balance sheet accounts will be easily accessible through this tool. The accuracy and precision of the information regarding the financial transactions can be greatly improved with this tool. It helps to manage the cash flow of the business more efficiently.

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The ledger templates may be used to enter all kinds of financial transactions including the following: debits, credits, bills, advances, mortgage, equity, franchises, net sales, gross receipts, cost of goods sold, inventory, labor and supplies, and net earnings of the business. They can also be used to enter the payment of salaries, rent, payrolls, and other payments made to employees, and payables to vendors. This type of software can be used directly or be uploaded into a computer. The advantage of using this program is that there is no complicated manual work required in creating or editing the ledger accounts. All transactions in the ledger can be quickly and accurately entered. It also reduces the time needed to reconcile the accounts.

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