Employee Vacation Planner

This is an Employee Vacation Planner template that you can simply use to plan, track and evaluate each employee’s taken leave. Setting up, tracking and even planning are all doing using Vacation Tracker worksheets while viewing each month’s summary is also done in separate Vacation Summary worksheets. Due to the many different summary reports/dashboards required by most businesses, designed a plain simple calendar with required format to facilitate you to use it effectively. Once you have created your calendar, it can be used to plan your employee’s annual leave which will then be automatically entered into the Vacation Tracker system. This way, you don’t have to waste time entering the information manually.

Most likely, you already have the calendar template that you need. However, if not, this article will provide you with tips on how to obtain one. There are two types of employee vacation planner templates available. The first one is the ready-made resource capacity. It contains the basic formatting needed such as holidays, birthdays and appointments with dates, however, it does not include any other additional information such as location, names of family members, contact numbers etc.

Employee Vacation Planner Template

Download Printable Employee Vacation Planner Template
Employee Vacation Planner Template

Preview Employee Vacation Planner Template

The second type of template comes with customizable features that you can add or change. First is the flexible-date template where you can start date, end date, start time, stop date, transfer time and transfer location. Second is the human resources resource capacity where you can add your own information like start date, end date, start time, transfer time etc. However, some of the flexible-date resource capacity may require you to have a previous year’s vacation plan so you may need to update your Human Resources Department accordingly. The third type is the basic employee vacation planner where you only need to enter the start date, end date and start time.

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So what should you use as an excel template for your employee vacation planner? If you want something convenient then nothing beats an online template. Online templates for this kind of planner are ready-made and they come in various forms. You can download an excel template containing all the important information. One of the benefits of downloading an excel template is that you will be able to save the file on your computer so you do not have to go through the tedious process of uploading the file to your spreadsheet application.

Download Employee Vacation Planner Spreadsheet Template

However, if you want to save time and want to create your own template, you may opt to use Microsoft Word. There are various office applications that you can utilize to make an excel vacation planner using Word. All you have to do is select the necessary fields and insert the figures and tables that you want to include in the template.

Other features of a good employee vacation planner include the availability of tracking vacation plans, automatic email reminders, paycheck tracker, tracking of sick or vacation days and vacation pay calculations. To add other features to your template, you just have to select the relevant cells and insert the relevant codes. Once the coding is done, you can print the entire template and use as many copies as you want. So now you know how to make an excel spreadsheet for an employee vacation planner.

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