An employee attendance tracker maintains a reliable historical record of attendance over many months or years. It lets you know how your staff is performing at work, allowing you to make changes where necessary. You can also view this information in the future, allowing you to plan for workforce planning. No matter how large or small your business, if you want to keep track of your workforce you need an employee attendance tracking system. Whether you need it for annual review, on-going management, or as an actual time and attendance system, this is one tool that will help you manage your workforce more successfully.

When you use an employee attendance tracker template you are taking a proactive approach to workforce management. While employers might think they are doing all they can to avoid hiring and keeping the best people, in some cases it’s just not possible. For example, if you hire and train new employees, you’ll have to rely on them showing up for work on time. To ensure your new employees are consistently showing up, you need to keep track of their absences. But keeping track of absenteeism isn’t always as easy as simply reporting it to the new employees each week. Tracking attendance requires special software to allow you to pull data from multiple places so you can see trends in the number of days when your workforce is missing time from work.

Employee Attendance Tracker

Download Printable Employee Attendance Tracker Template
Download Printable Employee Attendance Tracker Template

Most companies don’t have the time to set up and implement a traditional attendance system. An employee attendance tracker method connects to your HR management system and automatically downloads data from multiple places to a desktop or mobile device, so you can view it at any time. This makes it easier than ever to track your workers’ absences, helping you spot problems as they arise and making it easier to provide your workforce with high quality training. No matter what time of day it is, you can look up information on your staff in the employee attendance app, so you can make informed decisions on their performance and help them stay productive. You can also use the software to track of vacations, sick leave or holiday dates, so you know when they are scheduled and how long they are away.

The purpose of an employee attendance tracker doesn’t stop there. In fact, these applications can really help you improve the way you manage your workforce by finding patterns and anomalies that otherwise might go unnoticed. If you notice that one of your staff is consistently absent – but usually shows up on time – you can quickly run a simple check using the tracking attendance function to find out why. You could also learn more about which employees are showing up for peak times, allowing you to schedule staff rota’s around their schedules or simply assign more staff to those shifts.

Download Printable Employee Attendance Tracker Template

The process of implementing an employee attendance tracker doesn’t have to be complicated. You can save time and money by buying a pre-made template that you can customize for your own needs. These employee attendance tracking solutions are very affordable, especially compared with the cost of employing new software or employing employees to perform these checks. There are even some solutions that are available completely online, so you don’t even have to set up a separate tracking system in-house.

So if you’re struggling to find ways to improve your business’s productivity, consider installing an employee attendance tracking system. You’ll be able to track who’s showing up to work and how they’re performing. You will also be able to quickly identify any problems and make changes where needed. Finally, you’ll be able to see trends over time – what, if any, has changed about how your workforce works? Tracking attendance isn’t just about saving time and money; it’s about improving quality and increasing productivity – both of which are vital to the success of your business. Give it a try.