Digital Marketing Resume Example

If you are looking to put together a resume to get you that promotion at your job, then a digital marketing resume example should help you along. A resume is your life on a page. It’s the first introduction you give a prospective employer. In other words it is the most important presentation you make to that prospective employer. You want your digital marketing resume example to be your best work yet. If you are a content marketer then consider including links to your blogs, social media pages, video files, podcast files, and other social accounts only if you have an established following and you consistently deliver the content and team management to your followers.

You don’t have to use a digital marketing resume example. Your resume summary can include all this but the point is you must show that you understand the value of social media in your work. Otherwise, the recruiter will not be impressed with your basic digital marketing specialist resume and you might end up in the HR without a chance to prove yourself.

Digital Marketing Resume Example

Digital Marketing Resume Example
Digital Marketing Resume Example
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So the first thing to add as a digital marketing resume example is your professional development certification. This certification could be from any number of professional associations. The most common include: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Internet Marketing Professional Development Certification. These certifications do not necessarily mean that you are an expert on any of them. They simply demonstrate that you have been trained on at least one or more areas related to these three areas.

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The second thing to put into your resume is a professional development summary. This should include a description of the current position you are seeking, the skills you have developed in your current role, and the specialties or experience that make you an asset to the company. In some cases, a paragraph about your professional background may be included. If this is the case, you should also indicate what your CVs contain so that a recruiter can see that you are qualified for the job.

The next thing to include in digital marketing resume examples is a description of the key skills or competencies that made you an ideal candidate for the job. You can do this either on your own or by including examples in your CV. Your key skills may include your marketing strategy, your website optimization, or your search engine optimization training. As an alternative to key skills, you can also indicate the areas that make you a great candidate for specific positions. For instance, if the advertising agency you are applying to want an experienced social media manager, you would indicate that here. In this way, you highlight your key skills, including your social media expertise.

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Examples

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Examples
Digital Marketing Manager Resume Examples

The next thing to add in your digital marketing resume is a brief education or training section. Usually, there will be a basic statement that introduces your educational qualifications and a summary of the training you have received. This is often followed by a brief paragraph describing your work experience and how it relates to the job you are applying for. Again, you can do this in your CV or in the education section of your resume.

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Format for a Digital Marketing Resume Right

To get a high candidate Quality Score, like any SEM campaign, your resume has to make an impression

In fact, MANY great impressions.

Followed by recruiters clicking on your job application like crazy.


You have to use the best digital media resume format out there.

Go reverse-chronological.

HR managers are most familiar and comfortable with this format. You’ve got to impress them before you’re hired to impress their clients with your digital creations.

Here’s how to structure a digital marketing resume:

  • Start with a captivating resume introduction paragraph / resume headline at the top.
  • Continue with work history and education in the reverse-chronological order.
  • List your creative, advertising, and digital marketing skills.
  • Add extra resume sections to stand out from the sea of candidates.
  • Use the job ad as you write, and include resume keywords throughout.

While writing, use legible fonts, white space, and headings to guide the recruiter through all of the valuable sections of your resume. You can pick a creative resume template but make sure it’s ATS-friendly.

The final key area to highlight in your resume is your objective. You must indicate the exact purpose or objective for obtaining a particular job. This can be listed on the Summary section at the back of the CV or on the Job History section. It is usually a short, powerful paragraph that identifies exactly what you are applying for. However, it must always be clear and precise. This is another digital marketing pro tip.

Your final step in creating digital marketing resumes is to focus on the most important skills or competencies you have gained. You should then highlight your strengths or selling points. For example, if you are applying for an SEO position, you would want to include any additional SEO skills you have gained or new technologies you may have learned. If you are seeking an accountancy role, your relevant skills may include accounting, finance or marketing. Whatever the case, the inclusion of your strongest selling points or skills is key when writing your resume example. Readmore : Marketing Resume Example

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