4 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume Examples

If you’re in search of a new career or simply looking to make yourself more marketable, learning about certified nursing assistant resume examples can really pay off. Your resume needs to look sharp to get the job you want, so it’s important to put effort into it. Using certified nursing assistant resume examples can really help you achieve your goals.

In the healthcare industry, there are many different specialties. It’s not uncommon to work as a nursing assistant for a variety of doctors, surgeons, and specialists. You’ll be amazed at the variety of jobs available and the number of qualified people who are looking for these types of positions. There is an even greater need for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) in the home health care field due to the rising number of elderly people. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, you would take the services of licensed practical nurses (LPN) and direct them to the patient. Certified nursing assistants work directly under the guidance of a licensed nurse, but their supervisor is the one who reports to the hospital or doctor’s office where they work.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume Examples

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume

Learning how to create your own CNA resume is surprisingly easy. All it takes is some information that you’d normally include on your personal profile, such as work history and educational details. With these resources, you can quickly view current job opportunities and apply to various ones that match what you’re looking for. You can also view resource boxes at the end of each lesson that tell you specific information regarding CNA continuing education classes you might be eligible for.

1. Hospital CNA Resume

Hospital CNA Resume
Hospital CNA Resume

Online resources and websites provide you with sample certified nursing assistant work experience, job descriptions, and contact information. Looking through these sites is quick and easy, since most of them are searchable using keywords. With a little research, you should be able to find a lot of resume example from a variety of employers. These will give you an idea of what it takes to look for a good job and what to include in your resume.

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2. Entry Level CNA Resume

Entry Level CNA Resume
Entry Level CNA Resume

Other vital signs, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and height, are not considered vital signs, but should be included in your certified nursing assistant resume examples. If you’ve worked in a hospital setting or other medical facility, be sure to list all of your duties there. These will be important factors when it comes to being hired for a particular job. If you were employed at a rehabilitation center for elderly or mentally ill people, for instance, your duties there may include helping people bathe or shower, writing prescriptions for medication, and helping to feed and clothing the inmates.

3. Senior CNA Resume

Senior CNA Resume
Senior CNA Resume

A CNA resume example should also include any training and education you have received and be sure to list all of your diplomas, trainings and seminars. These are all vital signs that can help potential employers verify that you are qualified for the position. If you attended the local culinary institute for a cooking class, for example, you could tell your potential employer that you took this course because it was a “necessary” part of your job as a certified nursing assistant.

In your certified resume example, you should also include all of your “work history.” This could include jobs that are classified as “fringe” (work that you did not get involved with directly) or “core” work (work that is listed but not necessarily related to your major). Your work history is an important vital sign and should be detailed, with dates, names and amounts of work listed. You may also choose to include a personal statement, if you think it is pertinent to your application. Be sure, however, to tell the truth about your work history so that you do not have to lie about it later.

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Entry Level Nursing Assistant Resume Questions

1. How do you make an entry level nursing assistant resume for your first job?

Don’t be afraid of writing a resume for your first job. You come with a number of qualifications attained during the rigorous education process to become a nursing assistant, before you even get into your transferable skills from other work or from community and volunteer involvement.

Tap into your personal qualifications to write a strong summary like the one in our entry level nursing assistant resume sample. Discuss your work ethic, and outline subjects you excelled in at school. Follow this example to detail any skills gained from internships or school employment and any courses with projects or experience relevant to your target jobs. Even with no experience, you still have valuable selling points.

2. How do you describe achievements on your entry level nursing assistant resume?

If you have no experience, you can instead focus on academic accomplishments and extracurricular activities. Spotlight anywhere where you rose above the class or valuable contributions you made to your community. Write them in engaging, action-oriented language.

If you have some other entry-level experience, draw out accomplishments that show how quickly you adapted to your new environment and how well you performed versus other entry-level candidates. Try to include at least two to three achievement bullets that show a diversity of skills.

3. How do you write an objective statement for an entry level nursing assistant resume?

While most resumes do away with an objective statement for a professional summary, on an entry-level document you can still benefit from a succinct statement of your goals in seeking a new position as a nursing assistant. However, don’t let this scare you off from also stating your qualifications. Try a hybrid of an objective statement and summary statement, using our entry level nursing assistant resume sample as inspiration for how to write your qualifications.

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4. How do you write the experience section of your entry level nursing assistant resume?

For an entry-level role, you have two options for writing your experience section. If you have no experience at all, instead fill this section with a bulleted list of accomplishment highlights from your education and internships. You may even use internships as job listings, writing them out in action-driven language with bullet-based listings.

If you have other experience that isn’t related to nursing, however, you can take a different tack. Keep your descriptions of your experience short, and focus only on skills that may relate to nursing. For example, if you worked sales, you can say your customer service experience prepared you for friendly patient support and communications. For more help, try our step-by-step resume builder.

5. What technical skills should you put on an entry level nursing assistant resume?

You may think technical skills aren’t vital to a nursing assistant, but in your role you’ll interact with a variety of software and hardware. Whether you’re monitoring patient vitals or checking records, you should have some basic knowledge of healthcare technologies. Include any knowledge of healthcare information systems, EMR, or diagnostic hardware in your skills section. For how to format a skills section, refer to our entry level nursing assistant resume sample.

Another vital sign that will be used by a potential employer is your educational background. Nursing assistants are required to have a four-year degree from an approved accredited nursing institution. Most CNA certification programs require a minimum of two years of experience in the field, although some schools do not specify a minimum number of years. Viewing certified nursing assistant resume examples will help you decide what kind of educational background is necessary for your particular career. You should be able to find many different websites that offer free resume examples so that you can see how it should look.

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