Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet

Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet template is an application that will help you in tracking your daily calories consumed. Calorie Tracker has been specifically designed for the purpose of helping you track your food intake and eventually, to allow you to lose weight and become a more healthy being. Calorie Tracker is an online program based on the “feeding science” which aims to teach you how to eat healthy and live longer. You can also download the calorie tracker spreadsheet from the official site of the company to track and analyze all the foods that you have taken into your diet, thus allowing you to achieve your desired weight.

It helps you calculate the calories that you have taken in and it gives an estimate as well as the total number of calories for the day. However, this software does not allow you to take note of your food intake yet does not calculate the number of calories burnt through exercise or any other activity that you might be doing. This is where the “spread sheet” comes in. The calorie tracker spreadsheet gives you the facility to record the number of calories consumed, total calories and the time spent on all activities during the day so that you can keep track of your progress towards your goal.

Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet

Download Printable Free Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet Template
Download Printable Free Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet Template

The calorie tracker spread sheet can be used to make charts and graphs as well as to store information about your daily progress. You can choose the options that are most convenient for you. Some of the features of the calorie tracker spreadsheet are:

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o It allows you to record the amount of calories you have consumed by using a barcode-based system. This will allow you to know at a glance whether you have taken in more calories or less than you should have. This feature is perfect for those who have a hard time counting calories. Most people do not like to count calories, and therefore a calorie tracker would be very beneficial for them. The calorie tracker will help them measure their progress.

Download Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet

o With the calorie tracker you can track your progress for every day of the week. You can see right away which days and the amount of calories consumed are different from the days before. You can also track the number of calories you burn in a day. This helps you find out whether you are on track towards your goal or not. If you are, then you can continue.

o With the calorie tracker you can also set a goal. If you want to lose a certain number of pounds in a week, then you can set a goal for this particular day. You can view the graph of your progress towards your goal and keep track of it each day until it is achieved. If you are successful, then you can increase the amount of calories that you intake so that you can achieve your goal even faster.

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