Administration Assistant Resume Sample

A number of companies ask applicants to upload a copy of their Administrative Assistant Resume Sample in order to help them gauge the job candidate’s fit for the position. The basic idea behind this is to provide the hiring team with an accurate, concise and comprehensive overview of the candidate’s work history. As such, the person needs to be able to provide references that can best describe her skills and capabilities. Moreover, the person must also be able to meet the company’s deadlines as well as meet the expectations of the company. In order to provide these details, the applicant must be able to use chronological order.

A good way of preparing your Administration Assistant Resume Sample is to gather work experience and educational background from your past jobs. In addition to this, use your computer to create a file that includes a summary of the work performed. This will provide a clear view of your abilities and experiences that can prove you are the best candidate for the post. By using a chronological order in your administration assistant resume sample, it is easier for the HR managers to read through your resume. In addition to this, the human resource managers will be able to determine your strong points and weak points, helping them make a final decision on the individual.

Administration Assistant Resume Sample

Administration Assistant Resume Sample
Administration Assistant Resume Sample
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While there are a number of sample resumes available online, it is advisable for job seekers to personalize the sample for each role they apply for. Therefore, it is helpful to upload your own sample resume. While there are a number of ready-made templates for an administration assistant resume, it is still possible to customize the sample for each job posting. This will ensure that the resume matches the requirements of the job opening.

How to Write a Strong Resume Objective

The resume objective is designed to give hiring managers a reason to continue reading your resume. The candidate in the sample above has succeeded with her resume objective, for these reasons:

  • She describes how long she’s been an administrative assistant, and the main duties she performed
  • She lists her degree, and her expertise in relevant software (Microsoft Excel)
  • She tells the hiring manager which role she wants to fill, and why she’s a good choice
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Essentially, she’s made a concise argument for why she’d be a great candidate for the job. This helps grab the attention of employers and convinces them to read more about your qualifications.

In the next section, we explain how to make your resume’s bullet points impactful.

Administration Assistant Resume Text Format

Rachel Lauren

Administration Assistant


To effectively apply me in a professionally challenging environment in a manner that positively benefits the organization’s goals and objectives and also contributes towards my career development.


  • Editing Files
  • MS Office
  • Design Apps
  • Typing
  • Organizing Files
  • Multitasking

Work Experience

Administration Assistant cum Receptionist

Permasteelisa Gartner Qatar LLCSep 2018

  • Booking travel flight and hotel accommodation of employees and managers
  • Maintains and manages company apartment and vehicle leasing insurance and renewal, monitors monthly company utility and phone bills
  • Attends and resolves promptly to third parties inquiries and complaint
  • Maintains and monitors inventory of stationery, equipment and office pantry supplies
  • Regularly files admin documents. Updates company contact lists. Attends to all incoming calls
  • Keeps track of the documents incoming and outgoing transmittal including supplier invoices and courier packages. Prepares airway bills for documents and materials to be shipped
  • Sends, receives and transmits facsimile documents and mail posts
  • Manages the schedule of conference rooms for meeting appointments
  • Manages guests pick-up and drop-off; Attends to guests needs for company details

Assistant to Accounts Department

Permasteelisa Gartner Qatar LLCSep 2018

  • Log received invoices
  • Book invoices in SAP
  • Handle petty-cash
  • Prepares monthly administration and office expenses accruals for accounts department

Assistant to Tender Department

Permasteelisa Gartner Qatar LLCJun 2018

  • Assists in preparation and submission of tenders aligned to client’s costing structure, technical and commercial requirements, within client driven deadlines
  • Collaborates with the Tender Team in improving the efficiency and quality of contract, tender submissions, pre-qualifications and clients questionnaires
  • Maintains and archives related tender correspondences and documentation

Document Controller

Permasteelisa Gartner Qatar LLCJul 2018

  • Ensures all records, documentation and activities adhere to standard procedures as required by the Client
  • Develops and implements document processes
  • Performs quality checks with the documents submitted by subcontractors and monitors document numbers, revision, signatures, titles before importing to ACONEX
  • Uploads and download documents data in ACONEX with updated and correct information
  • Maintains a project filling system with records of all technical documents and drawings and ensures they are updated on daily bases
  • Coordinates all activities like technical documents and drawings to the persons involved in each Project.
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing transmittal of Client and Subcontractors documents and correspondences
  • Follows-up with Clients and Subcontractors regarding the submitted documents
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Bachelors in Information Technology

San Jose State UniversityApr 2019

Advance Diploma in System Engineering (ADSE)

Northeastern UniversitySep 2013

Higher Diploma in Software Engineering (HDSE)

Arizona State UniversityJun 2012

Diploma in System Management (DISM)

University of South FloridaJun 2011



Developer and DesignerApr 2019

The project aims to resolve:
• To fix and enhance laundry shop existing system based on customers concerns and
opinions while using their services.
• Support laundry shops in the area to be more visible give them more services.
• Provide laundry shops to have more sales income.
• To develop a user-friendly laundry shop website with the ability to have all available
laundry shops in an area to be viewed in one window.


DesignerApr 2019

The project aims to resolve:
• To identify whether the Uniride prototype meets the expectations of Middlesex
University Dubai students relative to the assumption that 80% should know what
the functions are
• To determine the difficulty faced by the students while using the prototype
• To gain expert positive suggestions to enhance the prototype
• To conduct in depth evaluation of the prototype compliant to the Heuristics
• To improve the prototype designs and functions based on the results gathered
after User Testing and Expert Evaluation


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

In order to complete the administration assistant resume writing process, it is important to be organized. This does not only pertain to the chronological order but also to the organization of your work experiences, job performance reviews and awards. Make sure that your chronological order is followed while placing your name, address and contact details. Additionally, mention all the contributions you have made to the company both during your employment and during any break in employment.

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When creating your administration assistant resume sample, use the strengths and skills that are important for the job you are applying for. Do not focus too much on your weaknesses, especially when applying for customer care or administrative assistant positions. It is also important to highlight any special skills you may possess. For instance, those with prior experience in medical or legal issues may consider highlighting your relevant experiences. On the other hand, entry-level administrative assistants may opt to highlight their technical expertise.

One important thing to remember in creating your personal administration assistant resume is to keep the job description concise. The description of the job should be concisely written yet clear enough to explain the requirements of the role. The most common mistake made by candidates when writing their personal ads is to create a lengthy job description that is vague and difficult to understand. A simple job description should be no more than one page in length. Do not mention the name of the position or company in your advertisement, instead simply describe the job duties in a couple sentences. Do not mention salary and terms of employment unless it is included in the company name or description.

In addition, avoid using phrases that are overly general in nature. You can find many samples online to help you avoid this type of mistake. Instead of saying “the ability to work under pressure,” for example, you could simply say “the ability to remain calm under high stress conditions.” This will be less ambiguous and will fit a more specific job description. In most cases, it is easier to write an ad with these kinds of guidelines in mind rather than come up with a generic, blanket statement.

Finally, make sure that your administration assistant resume sample administrative assistant resume has a well written cover letter. Unlike the other components of your application, your cover letter will be the first thing a hiring manager sees. Therefore, it must be well written and easy to read.