4 Accountant Resume Examples

Accountant Resume Examples is one of the best ways to create that competitive edge in order to land that dream job. When you are looking to improve your chances of getting the job, or just wanting to have an interview, it is important to look at all of your options. The way to do this is to create a professional resume and then highlight the positives. In this article I present some great accountants resume examples.

What’s so great about accountant resume examples? An accountant resume example is nearly nine out of ten resumes. This is because accountants are the most widely employed professionals in the financial services industry. How to properly write accountants resume that lands those much sought after interviews. Tips and examples of exactly how to lay out educational accomplishments and skills on an account receivable resume for desirable jobs.

Accountant Resume Examples

1. Student Accountant Resume Sample

Student Accountant Resume Sample
Student Accountant Resume Sample

Student Accountant Resume Sample (Text version)

Luca Pacioli

Nationality: FlorentianDate of birth: 1447-11-11Email address: [email protected] number: (9990 999 9999Web: www.kickresume.com


2015 – 2019, MA (Hons) Accountancy and Finance, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy

Courses include: Financial and Management Accounting, Auditing, Business and Corporate Finance. Also took options in Management and Economics during my first two years of study, including Micro- and Macroeconomics and Managing Customers and Markets. 2009 – 2015, Istituto San Francesco, High School, Perugia, Italy

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Advanced Highers: Accounting (B), English (C)

Highers: Accounting (A), Business Management (B), English (B), Geography (C), French (C) 8 Standard Grades, including Chemistry and Music 

Work experience

07/2017 – 08/2017, Administrative Assistant, Sforza Ltd., Naples, Italy

  • Acted as first point of call for all enquiries and directed them to the relevant departments.
  • Dealt effectively with all day-to-day administration, including sourcing and booking travel, completing and filing orders and liaising with suppliers.
  • Assisted the Finance Manager with the preparation of paperwork for a company audit. 

06/2014 – 08/2016, Shop Assistant, Medici’s Gift Shop, Perugia, Italy

  • Involved in and, in my last year, responsible for planning and carrying out stock takes and ordering in of goods. 
  • Suggested and was able to implement a summer promotion which increased sales by 20% over a two-week period. 



  • Developed excellent written communication skills through my degree for which I regularly write reports and essays. 
  • Experienced in delivering presentations, both individually and in groups, to groups of up to 50 as part of my degree. 

Business Awareness

  • Managed the finances for our successful Young Enterprise company which was nominated for the regional final.
  • Was always keen to contribute ideas to develop the business at Purdies Gift Shop, one of which resulted in a sales increase of 20%. 
  • Studied the principles of running and developing businesses as part of my degree. 


  • Provided fast and efficient customer service while working at Medici’s, dealing with many customers and requests at one time while staying calm. 
  • Organised paperwork and diaries with great attention to detail while working at Sforza Ltd., so that the full-time Administrator I covered for could take over from me without difficulty.
  • Learned to manage my time efficiently through juggling studies, part-time work and extra-curricular activities and have never missed a deadline for coursework. 
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  1. Accountancy Society – Have been a member since first year and regularly attend meetings, listen to speakers and enjoy the social events such as the annual ball.
  2. Gymnastics – Joined the University club last year and train at least once a week. Was a member of my school team and took part in competitions throughout Italy.
  3. Duke of Sforza – Gained a Silver Award in my last year at school. Particularly enjoyed our expedition to Tuscany.

What are some of the best accountancy resume examples? Good examples would include an account reconciliation, taxation, bank reconciliation, PTAB, and CPA. This is because the accountant field is so vast, with so many subspecialties. You also want to emphasize the skill and experience in one or two areas that will help you with your interview. For instance, being able to clearly detail your skill set for taxation, or clearly stating your CPA designation, could be important to landing that interview.

2. Accounting Manager Resume Sample

Accounting Manager Resume Sample
Accounting Manager Resume Sample

What are some of the challenges faced when preparing accountants resumes? The major challenge is making sure you have the correct spelling and grammar, as well as structuring your information the right way. This can be a subjective process, especially for entry-level accountants. Some accountants may even consider their resumes to be self-written, as they are often written by their own stylist.

3. Staff Accountant Resume Sample

Staff Accountant Resume Sample
Staff Accountant Resume Sample

What is the most popular accounting curriculum used by graduate and post-graduate students? Many universities and colleges offer accounting curriculum, which will allow students to follow a specific path as they prepare their accounting resumes. For instance, students who are pursuing a senior accountant resume will likely learn about the theory and basic skills needed to become a senior accountant, as well as an introduction to the wide variety of topics that constitute an entry level accountant resume. A junior staff accountant resume might be a little different, and be focused more on a specific career goal.

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4. Tax Accountant Resume Sample

Tax Accountant Resume Sample
Tax Accountant Resume Sample

What else should you look for in accounting resumes? While these examples should serve as a starting point, you should customize them to meet your exact needs. After all, you want to make your application stand apart from the rest, and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure you have taken the time to research what is required of you.

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