4 Interior Design Resume Examples

Interior Design Resume Examples can be found online in a variety of formats that are designed to help those who are either just starting out in the industry or who have been established for some time now. You will also find these examples quite useful when you are trying to determine what is the right format for your own design resume. Interior designer resume examples are intended to provide a quick overview of your achievements, while helping you build your professional image as an interior designer.

One important thing to take into consideration when looking at the many interior design resumes examples available online is the way the information is presented. While it may seem like all of the information you need is on the actual cover page of the example, there is a wealth of information beneath that is often left unnoticed by the hiring manager. There are typically a number of bullet points and a detailed biographical section at the end of the document. These details are not usually highlighted, which makes it easy to miss them.

Interior Design Resume Examples

Interior Decorator Resume

Interior Decorator Resume
Interior Decorator Resume

Many of the examples you will find online will only include graduation and certification information, but there are other versions that include awards and accreditations as well. It is important to keep in mind the specific requirements of your particular field. A large part of your portfolio should consist of work that has been certified by reputable organizations. Unless you are applying to work in the construction field, this will be the most tangible proof that you have what it takes to succeed as an interior designer.

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Principal Interior Designer resumes

Principal Interior Designer resumes
Principal Interior Designer resumes

The examples you will find online offer a wide variety of formats, including a word document, a Power Point presentation and resume worksheets. Each is designed to present your achievements in a manner that best fits the job description. In essence, they are used as a guide. However, the actual formatting of the resume works as much as the example. Your own examples can be much more effective when they are created based on your actual job description and experience.

When you begin to write your own samples, it will help to keep in mind that your resume must stand out from the crowd. In addition to having specific examples from which to choose, it can also be beneficial to select several titles for your resumes. You may wish to use titles that reflect your specific area of expertise or that reflect the specific elements of your portfolio. You can also combine several of these elements to create one unique resume that is sure to impress any interior designers you may be interviewing with. Here are some examples of titles you may find helpful.

Professional Interior Designer Resume

Professional Interior Designer Resume
Professional Interior Designer Resume

If you are a volunteer, community college, trade school or technical school teacher, you can present examples of volunteer work related to your profession. When selecting your samples of volunteer work, however, you must be sure that the activities included in your portfolio or your resume sample are directly related to your profession. For instance, if you are a teacher, you may not include pictures of yourself in the middle of classrooms. Instead, you should select volunteer work that demonstrates the qualities you have developed as a teacher: patience, leadership and teamwork.

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Entry Level Interior Design Resume

Entry Level Interior Design Resume
Entry Level Interior Design Resume

When writing your Interior Design Resume, you should take special care to include all of the relevant certifications, affiliations and awards. Many designers mistakenly believe that including these types of details is not necessary, but a potential employer may read your resume summary and notice that you do not include appropriate information about your credentials. By including all the relevant certifications listed above, you will demonstrate that you have the knowledge, skills and abilities required to be an effective interior designer and prove your worth as a leader in your industry.

The last section of your Interior Design Resume should include general statements about your job experience, education, skills and achievements. Your accomplishments should be specific and clear. For example, “As a Senior Designer, I was responsible for the design of the…” This demonstrates that you have a history of important projects and you are willing to talk about them. If you have specific skills in mind, list them here as well.

Interior Design CV Skills

These skills can be an asset to your interior design CV:

  • Furniture design
  • Furniture systems
  • AutoCad
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Client management
  • Understanding of construction documentation
  • Understanding of safety code compliance
  • Time management
  • Creative
  • Space planning
  • Material cost estimation
  • Subcontractor management

Interior Design CV Format

Write your CV in reverse chronological order. Use clear, concise language and showcase your most impressive skills and experience. A portfolio of past projects is a great asset to an interior design CV.

Be sure to customize your Interior Design CV for specific positions – it is not sufficient to rely on the same CV in all situations. Study the job posting, role requirements, and company so that you can tailor your CV to fit this position’s specific needs. For tips on writing a resume, you may want to read our resume guide.

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