1st Grade Reading Worksheets

1st grade reading worksheets can assist your child get off on a good start of an exceptional life-long passion of reading. Reading is a valuable gift and it helps develop critical thinking, social awareness, communication skills, an appreciation for different cultures and an ability to learn. Help your children cultivate this talent by introducing them to enjoyable reading experiences and activities.

They are an important tool in the learning process of developing good reading habit. The 1st grade reading worksheets aid in encouraging and facilitating early reading development. They are a valuable teaching aid that provides children with stimulating and relevant learning opportunities at all stages of their childhood development and encourage their interest in reading.

1st Grade Reading Worksheets

Download 5 Favorite 1st grade reading worksheets pdf
Download 5 Favorite 1st grade reading worksheets pdf

Most 1st grade reading worksheets are structured around an interest theme, a story, or a colorful example and there are usually a number of activities to engage your child’s attention while they are ‘getting to know’ the topics. Some are pictures, some are writing, and some are even both. You can use one page at a time or you can use multiple pages at different times in order to keep your readers engaged. In fact, this very practice is one of the keys to encouraging early reading success.

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1. It’s the opposite Worksheets

Skill: Antonyms Worksheets

Another great idea for your 1st grade reading worksheets is to create a word list, making sure to include both common and uncommon words. This is a great way to reinforce both phonemic awareness and reading comprehension for your readers. Your goal here is to make sure they understand what is written on the worksheet and what the word is describing. If you do not have a word list handy you can simply start with a common word, then work your way toward the rarer words, all the while making your readers spend more time learning what is on your 1st graders’ work sheet.

2. Checking grammar Worksheets

Skill: Capitalization Worksheets

In order to make your 1st graders develop new skills you should provide them with plenty of opportunities to practice what has been taught on the worksheets. This means that you should get a pen and paper and give them the worksheet for a few minutes each day. Tell them to try to identify the word from the writing and identify all the other things they are being told about that particular word as well. Then they should move on to the next words and repeat the process. Practice will really help develop their listening skills as well as their written language skills.

3. Table of contents and index Worksheets

Skill: Finding information Worksheets

4. Humorous verses Worksheets

Skill: Rhymes and poetry Worksheets

5. Peter Rabbit: A classic story Worksheets

Skill: Comprehension Worksheets

Another valuable way to use 1st grade reading worksheets is to show them examples of other children doing the task that you want them to do. There are many resources that you can find on the Internet that will allow you to create printable worksheets for this purpose. One resource for example is the Common Core Standards for Learning English. You can find printable reading worksheets for vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal skills, and for creative skills.

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Download 5 Favorite 1st grade reading worksheets pdf

Finally, you can start to introduce artificial phonics skills into your child’s daily routine. That is, you can start to use flashcards to practice the sound of their letters and the sounds that go together with those letters. Again, there are plenty of resources available on the Internet that will allow you to create printable phonics worksheets that your 1st graders can practice on. Just make sure that you give them enough time and attention to practice these things.

When you are teaching your first graders, you need to make sure that you cover all of the basic skills that you want your students to have. You can easily accomplish this by using a variety of resources, including reading worksheets, pictures and phonics. Remember, if you are using any printables, you need to be sure that you are giving your 1st graders appropriate work time and attention. Give them all of the attention that they need when it comes to learning these skills.

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