35+ Free Halloween Themed Worksheets

Encourage children’s imagination and improve their writing abilities on Halloween by using spooky Halloween worksheets for kids. These printable worksheets include creative Halloween writing prompts, fill-in-the-blank activities, reading warm-up activities, word games and so much more! Students can use their creativity to create a story based on a scary story or they can write a […]

2nd Grade Science Worksheets

Science is a powerful way to learn and understand. In 2nd grade science, students work on developing their logical thinking abilities through experiments and scientific investigations. They also practice many scientific concepts in different situations. For example, they will demonstrate their knowledge of colors by displaying their colored pictures in simple sentences. In second grade, […]

2nd grade writing worksheets

When teaching youngsters the art of essay writing, most often they are not given much to write about other than a few examples from which they can base their own creations. This is especially true when it comes to using some interesting and creative 2nd grade writing worksheets. Young kids love to mimic their parents, […]

2nd grade math worksheets

When it comes to learning mathematics most students enjoy fun and interactive activities which help these little visual objects come to life for them. These 2nd grade math worksheets can be used for various purposes; learning math facts or practice for upcoming lessons. Teachers are able to provide visual cues to help reinforce learning or […]

1st grade science worksheets

There are many reasons why teachers print out 1st grade science worksheets. For example, to motivate children, they let them practice science concepts. For example, they might use them to introduce a new botany book to their students, or explain how dinosaurs really looked. When children see that others are able to do the same […]

1st Grade Reading Worksheets

1st grade reading worksheets can assist your child get off on a good start of an exceptional life-long passion of reading. Reading is a valuable gift and it helps develop critical thinking, social awareness, communication skills, an appreciation for different cultures and an ability to learn. Help your children cultivate this talent by introducing them […]

1st Grade Addition Worksheets

1st grade is usually the beginning of learning basic math operations, and 1st grade addition worksheets provide a good place to begin the practice of regular math learning. The worksheet assignments in this area are chosen specifically for 1st graders in mind and working with them regularly will develop a strong foundation for future math […]

1st Grade Math worksheets

Free 1st grade math worksheets are available to practice your skills. They are a great way to build your vocabulary and understand basic concepts. They are a good learning tool for children who have difficulty in learning mathematics. There are different types of math problems for practice. They can be built around a theme or […]